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Financial Literacy Foundation - TVM

We have all heard of the expression "time is money", but what does it really mean? Find out by taking this course! (Read more)

Financial Literacy Foundation - Compounding

The Marvels of Compounding: Find out why Albert Einsten called it the "eight wonder of the world"! (Read more)

Financial Literacy Foundation - The Opening Gambit

Eight fascinating math and investment games  (Read more)

Financial Literacy Foundation - The Complete Pack

Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. We go a step further and say that financial literacy is the key to unlocking the mysteries of investing. But abov... (Read more)

Understanding Investing - The Nuts-n-bolts Package (UI+)

UI+ is our "nuts-n-bolts package. This includes all the benefits of UI but with the addition of our Learning Lounge. This specialised area is created especially for those curious - if not inquisiti... (Read more)

Understanding Investing - The Standard Package (UI)

UI is our standard package. Here, you will have access to all six of our colourful coursework "Stations" and your travel pass will entitle you to take a tour of our imaginary city whenever it suits... (Read more)