Financial Literacy Foundation - The Opening Gambit

Eight fascinating math and investment games  (Read more)

Financial Literacy Foundation - The Complete Pack

Benjamin Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. We go a step further and say that financial literacy is the key to unlocking the mysteries of investing. But abov... (Read more)

Station 1: Understanding Risk & Return (UI)

In this module, we will take you through a journey of imagining and visualising the relationship between risk and return, these quarrelsome and often misunderstood siblings of the investment world.... (Read more)

Station 4: Understanding Asset Classes (UI+)

Understanding Asset Classes continues the theme of diversification by focusing on the building blocks of investing, namely the many types of “egg baskets” and their classification and characteristi... (Read more)

Station 3: Understanding Diversification (UI+)

Understanding Diversification delves into the simple but wise age-old parable of not putting all one’s eggs in a basket. But are all eggs and all baskets created equal and how many eggs should we p... (Read more)

Station 2: Understanding Risk Profiling (UI+)

Is the glass half full or half empty? That is the question!  Understanding Risk Profiling examines the diversity of human perception and particularly the paradox that while the same investment m... (Read more)